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The Internet
We have been using the Internet more than 30 years, and consider ourselves seasoned surfers on the World Wide Web. Whether you want to use the Internet as an information resource, communication tool or as a worldwide marketplace for your products and services, Ashway Consulting, LLC can bring you into the information age fast and cost effectively.

More Than Just Websites
Ashway Consulting, LLC offers a variety of web development services, many of which are outlined below. We think the most useful service we offer, is the ability to get past the technical jargon and communicate with our clients in English.

Online sales grow every year, and it doesnít look like that trend will stop any time soon. Just having an online store will not guarantee success. An e-commerce store must have items that are in demand, a marketing scheme, and a professionally designed easy to use web site. Ashway Consulting, LLC has experience creating e-Commerce sites that display multiple items, provide for simple order entry, and process credit card and shipping information automatically.

Site Planning / Management
Site planning and management is a crucial and intricate part of web development. The success of any online project is dependent on the strategy and planning arranged during the beginning phases. Upon a projectís inception, we will meet with the client to determine the direction they would like to take and the Internet image they want to portray. At this point Ashway Consulting, LLC will develop a strategy and timeline that dictates the project in its entirety.

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