Mutual Fun - Florida to Connecticut

This is a collection of pictures taken along the way during the 14 Day 1283 mile trip of the Good Ship Mutual Fun from Ft. Pierce, FL to Clinton, CT. The crew consisted of: Steve Saulis - Captain and Fearless Leader and the Motley Crew - Kurt Kruger, Kenny Mansfield and Ed Ashway. The trip bagan in Ft Pierce, FL on April 24th, 2010 and ended in Clinton, CT on May 7th, 2010

 DAY 1 - Ft Pierce, FL to Daytona Beach, FL   DAY 8 - Columbia, NC to Hampton Roads, VA 
 DAY 2 - Daytona Beach, FL to Jekyll Island, GA   DAY 9 - Bluewater Yachting Center - Hampton Roads, VA 
 DAY 3 - Jekyll Island, GA to Savanna, GA   DAY 10 - Bluewater Yachting Center - Hampton Roads, VA 
 DAY 4 - Savanna, GA to Charleston, SC   DAY 11 - Hampton Roads, VA to Solomons, MD 
 DAY 5 - Charleston, SC to North Myrtle Beach, SC   DAY 12 - Solomans, MD to Annapolis, MD 
 DAY 6 - N. Myrtle Beach, SC to Morehead City, NC   DAY 13 - Annapolis, MD to Atlantic City, NJ 
 DAY 7 - Morehead City, NC to Columbia, NC   DAY 14 - Atlantic City, NJ to Clinton, CT